Taking star power too far – Kim Kardashian is selling her smashed 2022 Range Rover for $100,000, the same price as a brand new Range Rover.

Source - Instagram / Skims and Carfax

Kim Kardashian’s Midas touch is no secret; the Skims founder turns everything she touches into millions. However, the idea that this would even apply to a wrecked luxury SUV is news to us. The reality TV star’s smashed 2022 Range Rover has popped up for sale online for $99,950. It’s surprising enough that the mother of four decided to list a damaged automobile for sale on the online car sales site Carfax without fixing it, but charging as much as a brand new Range Rover seems exorbitant.

Of course, the new car wouldn’t be graced by Kim Kardashian’s presence and million-dollar derriere, which could be a major draw for a fan, despite the deployed airbags and missing bumpers. Elite Motor Cars of Miami is selling the car, which Kim received from her momager, Kris, on her 42nd birthday in 2022. According to the Daily Mail, a former staff member for Kim had been driving the car in 2023 when they crashed it.

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It is not uncommon for people to spend on items owned by celebrities, and Kim Kardashian indeed has many adoring fans. Plus, if they can get the car fixed, they benefit from the custom details installed by the local business Platinum Motorsports.

The Range Rover starts at $105,000.

For those who value money more than stardom, a new Range Rover can be purchased for the same price in mint condition.

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