Oceanco’s latest in the Simply Custom series, the Superleggera 80, is a stunning 262-footer that blends 1960s glamour with luxury. This exquisite superyacht boasts an infinity pool, a state-of-the-art gym, and embodies understated opulence.

Oceanco has delivered some of the most impressive superyachts. Even more impressive is their Simply Custom range, which includes 17 vessels customized by different designers. Following the superyacht Clarity, designed by Espen Øino, the latest 262-footer is the brainchild of the award-winning yacht studio Hot Lab. Dubbed Superleggera 80, the motor yacht is heavily inspired by all things that made a 1960s car sleek, sexy, and coveted. Superleggera, meaning ‘super light’, brings all the pleasures of a massive luxury penthouse, and then some, to the high seas.

This is made easy as this stunning four-decker opens with a grand 17-foot atrium and clean, sweeping lines that stylishly connect to the infinity pool, which boasts a swim platform underneath. The interiors of the Superleggera 80 are straightforward and bright, with a hint of the typical nautical color palette.

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The atmosphere is laid-back while maintaining the luxury quotient with white lacquered ceilings, integrated lighting, and curved furniture. Amenities include a well-equipped gym with a wide balcony and a central bar with a skylight.

As witnessed in other Simply Custom yachts, the layout includes an elegant owner’s stateroom and six guest suites. The Superleggera 80 maximizes space in every nook, corner, and deck by offering several alfresco lounging and dining spots. “At Hot Lab, we understand that today’s clients place higher value on how a space connects them to deeper emotions, rather than simply serving a practical function,” said Hot Lab founder Antonio Romano.

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“This is seen in the colossal 5-meter height of the Superleggera 80’s main deck atrium and the clean, sweeping lines of the yacht’s aft as the floor flows past the infinity-effect pool and glazed bulwark to the swim platform beneath in one uninterrupted curve.” Every yacht in the Simply Custom series, including the Superleggera 80, will be powered by a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system. With Simply Custom, the shipyard streamlines the commissioning process by taking care of the daunting details and leaving the fun to the client.

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