The shipyard that built Jeff Bezos’ yacht has unveiled ‘Clarity,’ a 262-foot-long, energy-efficient superyacht covered in solar panels. As elegant as it is, it is equally luxurious, featuring a swimming pool and a large winter garden.

The word that crops to mind first on glimpsing Oceanco’s Simply Custom collection is desirable; the second is Clarity. The aptly named superyacht Clarity, designed by Espen Øino, is the first in Oceanco’s new 262-foot range, showcasing the brightest creative talents in the yachting industry. Renowned yacht designer Espen Øino and his team have envisioned a clear, no-fuss, no-frills superyacht, and it’s safe to say that yachts are only getting better this year.

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Clarity Yacht is characterized by very large superstructure overhangs that provide essential shade and reduce heat gain inside the yacht, in addition to adding a distinctive look. The 2,700 GT yacht, with its five wide decks, flaunts an impressive main deck lounge designed to mimic a large winter garden. This space can be opened to utilize wind as natural ventilation. Its light color palette, open areas, and unpretentious minimalist interior design make this vessel the epitome of simple living high thinking.

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In an Instagram post, Espen Øino detailed his energy-conscious smart design, “When asked to participate in designing a yacht for Oceanco’s Simply Custom Collection, my team and I were inspired by one word: SIMPLE! What does simple mean? Solving a problem in an efficient, elegant, and smart way. Inspired by this definition, we addressed some challenges in a simple yet smart manner. The yacht features very large overhangs in the superstructure to provide shade and reduce heat gain inside the vessel on the decks below. The excess surfaces above were used for photovoltaic cells. The main deck lounge is designed as a large winter garden, which can be opened to make use of the wind as natural ventilation. The overall objective is to reduce onboard energy consumption and increase the renewable part of the onboard energy production. The extensive use of large shaded exterior spaces reflects our vision of enjoying life at sea and the outdoors.”

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This 262-footer will accommodate 12 guests in six suites on the main deck, while the owner enjoys a stateroom on the upper deck with a stellar vantage point. As for amenities, Clarity boasts a swimming pool, helideck, expansive beach club, and a tender garage.

The technically advanced yacht features all-electric propulsion and energy architecture systems incorporated into a DC grid system with onboard battery energy storage. It is outfitted with variable speed generators, offering high fuel efficiency, and runs on low-carbon biodiesel fuels such as HVO, according to Superyachttimes.

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