The 2025 Taycan Turbo S is the most powerful and the quickest production car ever made by Porsche

In production since 2019, Porsche has finally lifted the veil off the revised Taycan EV. Behold the 2025 Porsche Taycan, which arrives with more power, more tech, better electric hardware, and a lot more performance. While the entire Taycan range has been updated, we are interested in the range-topping model – the Taycan Turbo S. The design changes are subtle and hard to notice, so we’ll primarily talk about the hardware and performance upgrades, which are quite significant. Starting with the headline figure, the new Turbo S makes 938 horsepower when using launch control, which is a massive jump from 750 hp in the previous model. Obviously, Porsche doesn’t want the power difference between the Taycan and the Tesla Model S Plaid to be too big.

With more 938hp on tap, the 2025 Taycan Turbo is the most powerful production Porsche ever, beating the 918 Spyder with its 887hp. Furthermore, with a claimed 0-60 time of 2.3 seconds, the flagship EV also takes the title of the quickest Porsche road car. The boost in power output was achieved with new motors, which have the same dimensions as the ones on the previous model, according to Porsche.

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While it still uses the two-speed transmission to improve efficiency at higher speeds, the new rear motor is both lighter and more powerful than before. The power has been bumped by up to 107 hp depending on the model, while the motor itself is around 20 pounds lighter than before.

Porsche has also improved the batteries across the entire range. The new Performance battery pack on the 2025 Turbo S has a capacity of 105kWh, with a usable capacity of 98.6kWh. It not only packs more capacity than before, but it is also lighter. Porsche says the new Performance battery weighs 19 pounds less than the old one. Thanks to all the weight-saving measures, the new Turbo S is lighter by 33 pounds than its predecessor. In addition to a more powerful battery pack, Porsche has also worked very hard on improving the range of the Taycan, which was one of its weakest points. While EPA numbers are not available at the moment, the WLTP figure of the Turbo S has increased from 290 miles to 391 miles. The Turbo S Cross Turismo is the most expensive in the range, with a price tag of $213,695, which is $14,695 more than its predecessor. US deliveries of the 2025 Taycan will begin later this summer.

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