Inspired by a 100-year-old vintage yacht, this is the world’s most lavish private jet. The $83 million ‘superyacht with wings’ features five opulent rooms, a master cabin with a queen-sized bed, a walk-in shower, a cocktail bar, and even a chart room.

Experiences of a superyacht are truly superlative which is why they should be found at more places than just on the high seas. With that thought, SottoStudios conceptualized Skyacht One, the world’s most luxurious private jet inspired by a yacht. The $83 million flying yacht, unveiled in 2016, was divided into five zones that offered endless interior design configurations for the 10,000 cubic feet of cabin space.

The grand entrance welcomed you in kingly style; and at first glance, the jet reminded you of a retro cigar lounge. The studio described the plane as a ‘yacht that can fly,’ as it infused the Embraer Lineage 1000E private jet with yacht-style grandeur.

The Thunderbird yacht

The yacht in question was a 1930 custom yacht called Thunderbird, and its classic yacht details came to life in the “hull” of Skyacht One.

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The master suite.

From a wood-lined lounge with 15th-century star maps, a walk-in shower, and omnipresent polished wood, this private jet was not for the billionaire without imagination. The chic plane offered over 4,000 cubic feet of space that was utilized in the form of five large, luxurious cabins, a master suite with a master bath (outfitted with green Malachite countertops) and shower, conference, chart rooms, and gallery.

The master bath.

The chart room was a one-of-a-kind area sheathed in a marquetry mural, a planetary clock, the Fornasetti rug that added oodles of personality to the private jet.

Edward Sotto, president of SottoStudios, who designed the interior, said: ‘We wanted to include a sense of classic elegance drawn from the details of romantic yachts of the past. Features included skyports in the ceiling and Italian references to navigation and design throughout.’ The 84-ft-long jet gave flyers and owners a dedicated dining space to enjoy hearty meals 30,000 feet in the air, a conference room to conjure ideas, and a cocktail bar with a comfortable sofa to relax.

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God lies in the details, and the aircraft boasted some dated and fascinating features like analog controls of engraved brass, gold, silver, and platinum, brass inlaid window bezels, mahogany paneling, leather sunshades, and more. As the website aptly stated, ‘even a faucet was not left to chance.’ The conceptual private jet would offer an impressive range of 4,500 nautical miles if a well-heeled billionaire decided to take Skyacht One out of the pages to the skies.

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