BMW launches 2014 Bicycle Collection designed by DesignworksUSA

With the 2014 Geneva Motor Show just around the corner, all eyes are on the world’s most anticipated automotive show and all the major automakers from around the world are busy at work preparing for it. But amid this massive bustling excitement, BMW has announced the release of a new line for their third generation bicycle collection, and typical of the BMW Group and all their products, the 2014 bicycle demonstrates the top standards in design and quality. The new collection has four models to offer to the buyers: the BMW Cruise Bike, the Cruise e-bike, the BMW Trekking Bike and the new sporty version of the M Bike. Like the second generation of BMW bicycles, the new 2014 bicycle collection has been designed by DesignworksUSA, a subsidiary of BMW, and components have been sourced from top manufacturers such as Shimano and Suntour.

BMW Cruise Bike
The cheapest offering of the 2014 BMW bicycle collection, the BMW Cruise Bike is ideal for city use and has a light weight construction with an aluminum frame. The bike will be available in two different colors of all white and white/blue. It is priced at 949 Euro ($1300 approx).

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BMW Cruise M Bike
Next up in the collection is the Cruise M Bike which looks quite similar to the normal Cruise Bike but has a sportier appeal. The bike weighs just 14.8kg and comes in the color Anthracite/red. It is priced at 1099 Euro ($1500 approx).

BMW Trekking Bike
As the name suggests, the BMW Trekking bike is built for all round performance but is also perfect for challenging and long-distance routes. Weighing at 17kg and with an aluminum frame, the bike has a sturdy construction to take on off roading with ease. It will be sold in Black/brass color and is priced at 1,149 Euro ($1570 approx).

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BMW Cruise e-Bike
Perfect for those looking for bicycles as an environment friendly mode of transport, the BMW Cruise e-Bike has an electric assistance motor attached to the chain drive and gives electronic support while pedalling and is ideal for everyone. Despite the additional electrical motor, the bike weighs 22kg. It is available is White/anthracite color and is priced at 2,799 Euro ($3,800 approx)


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