With this 2024 Lexus GX’s in-built pizza oven, full bar kit and spherical ice-maker, 5-star tailgate parties, and outdoor adventures are now a thing

It’s not uncommon that people with a taste for the finer things in life also have a strong affinity to the outdoors, and that’s exactly the sort of customer that the new Monogram GX SUV will appeal to. The 2024 Lexus GX was already a massive overhaul over the outgoing model, and Lexus has teamed up with luxury appliance brand, Monogram, to create this luxury Swiss army knife on wheels. The Monogram GX concept retains all the rugged capability of the Lexus GX, but with a healthy side of practical luxury upgrades to meet the needs of the discerning adventurer.

So while the body-on-frame 2024 Lexus GX with its turbocharged V6 powertrain and advanced off-road gear will get you places, the enhancements courtesy Monogram bring the sort of panache no bespoke overloading rig can hope to match.

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Some of the upgrades on the Monogram GX include a Monogram 30-inch electric hearth oven, good for the largest pizza pie one can knead, or any other artisanal baking one can think of. The “culinary experience” special GX also packs America’s first heated ice press, capable of churning out spherical ice “cubes”, always a great topic of conversation at tailgate parties.

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The upgrades don’t end there either, with exterior bottle storage solutions behind the exterior side panels, multiple chilling compartments inside, a wine and spirits bar kit complete with bitters and foldable cutting board, and a plating station and trash bin.

Keeping the aristocratic air alive is an interior finished in a custom-patterned, two-toned camel leather, brass and titanium design elements, and even Dekton slate stone accents. We see the Monogram GX as a pretty convincing statement to move the 2024 Lexus GX as far from its utilitarian luxury roots as possible, and the end result certainly looks impressive.

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