A gazebo for your car, the GazeBox keeps your four-wheeled buddy safe and sound!

What would life be without cars? It’d be nothing less of a weary existence devoid of a daily dose of adrenaline. Well, that’s just why we love cars! They excite us, take us places, and most importantly, they excite us! When you love cars just as much as we do, it’s important you keep your four-wheeled friend safe, and the best way to do so these days seems to be with a helping hand from the GazeBox. A revolutionary structure that works as a foldable garage for your car, the GazeBox also doubles up as a gazebo and a carport! The structure folds back like the hood of a convertible car. Sporting special anti UV polycarbonate panels, the GazeBox promises to keep your beloved automobile away from the sun, hail, rain, wind, ice, pets, birds and envious eyes.

GazeBox for car 4
The GazeBox is extremely easy to install and use. The structure folds back automatically, without requiring users to manually retract the hood while seeking access to the car packed within. With a durable framework and an aesthetically pleasing design, this car shelter is also customizable and comes with an LED-lit interior that gives your car the perfect spotlight in the darker hours. Finally, the GazeBox is made in Italy, a country that adores cars a little more than the rest of the world, making it the perfect addition to your home!
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