A look inside the ultra-luxurious 228 foot long Suerte yacht

Fashioned by Francesco Paszkowski, Suerte caught everyone’s attention at the recently held Monaco Yacht Show. The white beauty immediately caught our attention with its colossal length ranging 69m. Suerte, meaning luck in Spanish, is the first ever yacht from Italy’s Tankoa shipyard. With three decks, a sushi bar, a fireplace, a swimming pool and a helipad, we’re not all that surprised when we heard its cost $689,000 for a week. Let’s explore the 228 Foot superyacht Suerte

Monaco Yacht Show 2
We hear the client’s priorities for design were to ensure an inviting yet sophisticated atmosphere on board, with plentiful space to move about. Rightfully so, crew and guest separation was another key design factor.
Monaco Yacht Show 4
When you step foot onto the yacht, a massive beach club will greet your eyes. Rather than a water sports area, this space has been beautifully continued as Suerte’s main living area. Entailing a lounge area, a bar and a TV, the yacht has designed to ensure the utmost homely feeling and atmosphere. A stylish staircase leads you to the main salon above.
Monaco Yacht Show 9
What we noticed is the infusion of natural elements throughout its interior. Untreated woods, leather and stones adorn the interior of the boat, while innovative lighting further enhances the space. Unlike other yachts, large living spaces are a trademark on board.
Monaco Yacht Show 6
The skylights in the upper salon ensure sufficient light through the yacht. While these form part of the pool on the bridge deck, it creates a mesmerising effect as the sunlight flows through the water and illuminates the entire salon.
Monaco Yacht Show 7
Our personal favourite was the master cabin! Placed forward on the upper deck and overlooking a private terrace with sun pads and intimate Jacuzzi, it is the perfect pad. Below on the main deck are the guest and VIP cabins.
Monaco Yacht Show 8
Although exterior decks have been divided into separate social areas, we sensed fluency and connection with other meeting areas and as well as the interior. Interior staircases leave decks clean and allows for great visibility all round.

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