A Tesla Model-3 owner has made the the most expensive ‘butt-dial’ purchase ever

So we have heard a couple of weird ‘butt-dial’ stories like a man gets butt dial from an ex-boss, who overhears a plot to kill him, an astronaut too dialed the wrong number from space. A story about a boyfriend’s butt dial to the girlfriend’s father saved the girl from the drunk’s attack. So far, they sound helpful, but that wasn’t the case with Ali Vaziri. Dr. Ali Vaziri was charged $4,280 from his Tesla app on September 24, and funnily happened on his iPhone kept in his jeans. He was charged the amount and claims that he has never purchased anything through the Tesla app. On receiving a mobile notification from his bank about the transaction, Vaziri called his local Tesla store and service center along with a customer-service number to no avail. The Tesla owner said that it had been months since he has been chasing Tesla for a refund but hasn’t got anything. Vaziri has his credit card linked to Tesla to pay a monthly fee for “premium connectivity” in the car. The nearly $4,000 software upgrade wasn’t part of his shopping cart. The $4280 upgrade that he didn’t buy is an ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ feature that includes an automatic navigation feature, automatic lane changing and parking, and a “Summon” feature that lets drivers step out of their vehicles. This upgrade also gives you a chance to park the car using a key fob or Tesla app as a remote control.

Vaziri’s multiple efforts to get a refund have fallen on deaf ears. The customer care service seems tautological, too, as the Tesla store and service center could not process the doctor’s refund request on the spot; instead, they told Vaziri to click on the refund button in his Tesla app- a button which doesn’t exist! To make matters worse, an e-mail he received from Tesla confirming the unauthorized purchase only drove him to Tesla’s support web site, which in turn told him to call his local service center. Not too long ago, we heard a similar story of Tesla’s vicious circle of butt-dialed requests. It was January 2020, and author Nassim Nicholas Taleb took to Twitter to wreak havoc on Tesla. Tesla CEO did reply to the influential customer complaint, but Vaziri, unfortunately, had no such luck. Now that several noteworthy channels have amplified this story, Elon Musk will resume duties at his deficient customer service department.

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[Via: CNBC]

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