Achtung – The Volvo S90 luxury sedan is here

Earlier this year the XC90 SUV stunned everyone with its quality and intuitive interiors, and it was just a shape of things to come from the Swede carmaker. Yesterday at its home town of Gothenberg, Sweden the company announced the S90 the successor to the S80, its flagship sedan. Carrying the company’s signature T-shaped ‘Hammer of Thor’ daytime running lights and C-shaped tail lights the S90 exudes a bold and imposing stature. Built on the Scalable Product Architecture Platform (SPA) it uses the same chassis as the XC90. Designed to comfortably carry and wrap 5 passengers in luxury the S90’s cabin makes use of soft leather, glass buttons and open pore wood. The infotainment, connectivity and other features of the car are controlled by a large tablet which sits in the center of the dash.

The S90 will be powered by a 2 liter gasoline engine though it may sound under-powered using a complex system of superchargers, turbochargers and electric motors delivers 407 bhp which takes the car from 0 to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. Apart from the hybrid drivetrain the S90 will be offered with the T5 and T6 four cylinder gasoline engines.

Being a Volvo we just cannot help but talk about the safety features and the S90 has is packed with them. ‘Pilot assist’ the semi autonomous driving feature has been upgraded from the XC90 and the car can now can make automatic steering adjustments to stay in its lane. The City safety feature has been upgraded as well the system now along with the pedestrians will also detect large animals like deers, cattle, elks, etc and alert the driver and even stop if necessary.

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Pricing, weight and other details of the S90 are not known yet, but we can expect them at the Detroit motor show in early January.

[ Via : Theverge ]

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