Ai Design Presents Lavish $250K Chevy Van

How does the thought of owning a luxury condo on wheels sound to you? Exciting? Then here’s the deal: the Ai Designed Chevy Van is a must-have, mostly suitable for the nomads. If you are one among those who care for a spin round the globe, here’s presenting to you “the ultimate personalized expression of a chauffeur-driven vehicle”. An instant hit with the celebs, this ultra-luxurious van has been aptly dubbed as the ‘Mobile Living Space’. Ai Design known to weave magic with Chevy Van-like vehicles has done it again – fitting personalized features into the van and upgrading it with plush facilities.

The Chevrolet cargo van is equipped with a 6.0-liter V8 and a Quigley four-wheel-drive system. The headroom has been bumped up by 12 inches by installing a fiberglass roof extension with a mobile satellite TV antenna, the interiors lavished with luxury touches including reclining hand-upholstered Edelman leather seating, a laser-engraved exotic-hardwood floor, and a 32-inch LCD video monitor. The cabin also features aircraft lighting and an automated touch panel for interior controls. Extensive sound-deadening treatment assures that the occupants always ride in quiet comfort. And, at $250,000 the Chevy Van is definitely inexpensive than a Limousine!

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