Airstream x Tommy Bahama Relax Edition is a Mercedes Sprinter van for beach-themed fun and mini-bar margaritas

Can’t wait to vacation on a pristine island? Till that dream takes shape why not step inside Airstream’s new Tommy Bahama relax edition touring coach and you may not even miss a proper hotel or resort anymore. What makes it even better is this relax edition is a Mercedes Sprinter van. Whether you love interstate traveling, or just need a home away from away amidst the confusions of COVID-19, the Tommy Bahama Interstate can well be your luxury beach house on wheels. We love how it merges the best of Airstream quality, the Mercedes-Benz performance, and Tommy Bahama’s island vibe. While Airstream equips the luxury RV with a two-burner stove, a refrigerator, microwave oven, matte-finish wood cabinetry, and satellite TV, the Tommy Bahama effect stands out in remote-controlled wood blinds, wall and window graphics, embroidered marlins in the seat headrests, beach chairs, and printed plants on the bedding, towels, and pillows. They have also made available three laid-back floor plans depending on what you need- a longer trip on-road or just a way to get to your vacation home. The car comes with a built-in bar adorned with the brand’s motto “Live the island life” where you will enjoy sipping on mojitos after a sun-drenching session. There’s also air conditioning and heating, a tankless water heater, and an ultra-quiet generator to supply it with juice.

The Airstream Tommy Bahama Relax Edition is available for purchase in three sizes, the Interstate 19, seats five, the Interstate EXT comfortably seats seven and for more room there is the Atlas which fits nine. Pricing for the campers starts at $166,196. Airstream also offers larger Interstate Grand Tour or Interstate Lounge models, with floor-plan seating scenarios for either seven or nine respectively, priced starting just over $190,000.

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