The saga of the deserted $120 million Alfa Nero superyacht continues. With two failed sales attempts under its belt, the Antiguan government keeps its lips sealed about any current sale prospects, all while bleeding $100,000 monthly for maintenance over an exhausting two-year span.

If there is light at the end of every tunnel, then the superyacht Alfa Nero is indeed standing close by. However, we won’t jinx the matter and will follow the example of the Antiguan government, which has decided to exercise caution and avoid all public discussions and disclosures regarding the controversial luxury vessel. “Twice bitten, thrice shy” is the adage that comes to mind this time, as officials are currently involved in negotiations with a potential buyer for the pleasure craft.

Eric Schmidt had won the auction for Alfa Nero and patiently waited for a couple of months for the deal to finalise but it fell through.

The $120 million boat almost had a happy ending when ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt won the bid with nearly $68 million in June 2023. The deal fell through as the 269-footer has been at the center of international sanctions and legal disputes. Then it nearly went to the second-highest bidder, American billionaire Warren Halle, who also could not claim the ill-fated vessel as his own and ultimately sued the government of Antigua.

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This time, Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst confirmed that the government will remain silent regarding the sale of the luxury yacht due to its tumultuous history. The yacht, previously owned by Russian oligarch Andrew Guryev, is being handled delicately. “Negotiations are taking place with a potential buyer, and we don’t want to spoil it,” Hurst stated. “Until it is consummated, we have no intentions of making any public statements.” He continued, “The United States sanctions on these wealthy Russians have tentacles that reach far, and we intend not only to abide by our own obligations but also by those imposed upon us as a result of treaty obligations and the like.”

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Alfa Nero docked at Falmouth harbor.

The official did reveal that while they may eventually disclose to the public when Alfa Nero is sold and to whom, details like the asking and settling prices will not be revealed, certainly not before the sale is consummated. The 269-footer has been docked in Falmouth Harbour for over two years, and the Antiguan government has been bearing the astronomical cost of $100,000 every month to maintain the vessel. This amount equals almost 40% of the Caribbean nation’s defense budget, making it a huge deal and an enormous pressure. Perhaps this is the final leg of tribulations for the tiny nation as well.

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