Alfa Nero’s controversial sale to Eric Schmidt could be delayed by years as the daughter of Russian oligarch Andrew Guryev is relentlessly challenging Antigua’s right to auction the seized $120 million superyacht.

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Whether ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt will truly emerge as superyacht Alfa Nero’s hero is yet to be seen. A tale laced with dizzying twists has just got even further tangled with the inclusion of another key character- the daughter of the Russian oligarch Andrew Guryev, Yulia Guryeva-Motlokhov. Now that’s not a name one can ignore though the Court of Appeal denied several previous injunction applications. Schmidt won the $67.6 million prize fair and square in an auction held by the Antiguan Government. The $120 million luxury vessel has been moored and motionless in Falmouth Harbor since February 2022.

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It finally witnessed some action in the form of the auction that took several efforts and amendments from the Antiguan Government. Despite Schmidt securing the 267-footer, the saga is far from conclusion. The Silicon Valley bigwigs’ legal team has advised caution and delayed payment until the court controversy involving Yulia Guryeva-Motlokhov is solved.

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Eric Schmidt has been advised by his lawyers to making the payment to Antiguan government for a few days.

The daughter of the fertilizer tycoon filed the injunction on his behalf, proclaiming the family’s historic ownership rights over the vessel and reneging on the sale to Schmidt.

Andrew Guryev had abandoned the yacht last year in Antigua after being sanctioned.

While the High Court rejected the application for an injunction to halt the sale, Attorney Dr. David Dorsett confirmed that the appeal would “almost certainly” be filed next week. “Judge Rene Williams ruled against our application. The client has been made aware, and her instructions are clear. We will proceed with an appeal,” Dr Dorsett said. “We think the refusal should be challenged, and we will be doing so with some speed.”

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Once valued at $190 million, the Alfa Nero is flush with luxurious amenities.Via Charterworld

As with appeals, there’s no telling how long the matter will last; it could take years. I think the ship Alfa Nero should be named Cherophobia by the Government. It wouldn’t be shocking to witness the elegant Oceanco beauty develop an aversion to happiness. As soon as good news comes knocking on the abandoned boat’s doors, doom is sure to follow.

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In better times, Oceanco described the 2007 vessel as one of the world’s most iconic and highly awarded yachts. That explains why the Government of Antigua pays more than $122,000 monthly to maintain the Russian billionaire’s pleasure craft. Of course, the nearly $68 million sale would also boost the entire nation’s GDP.

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