Forget about that mega yacht, get your own private, mobile island, the Kokomo Ailand

The super Yacht just got an upgrade and the outcome is a combination of a seaworthy vessel that’s also a miniature, exotic private island. The Kokomo Ailand that’s being pitched by Migaloo Private Submarines is just out the most outrageous example of affluence you could have. Sure there are those who already own actual islands but what good is that when they’re stationary. It’s got to be boring when all you have is the same scenery around you all the time. But with the Kokomo Ailand, you can cruise around and take in a few sights along the way, all from the comfort of your very own private island, I mean Ailand.

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The Designs showcase all the goodies of what looks like a fully fledged private villa complete with helipad, private elevators leading up to the penthouse that’s perched 260 feet above sea level, a private beach club, gym, sauna, glass-bottomed Jacuzzi, you name it and you can have it, that’s what the company says – to the owners specifications. This ‘floating habitat’ comes with eight engines that will propel the platform along at a speed of about 8 knots which is just about 9 MPH. That’s not as speedy as a mega yacht, but who cares when you have your own exotic jungle deck with palm trees, vertical gardens, and waterfalls, right? Crew quarters have also been designed into the platform along with other special amenities like a shark-feeding station (we have no idea why), and an outdoor cinema.
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Although the Migaloo says that they’re currently not producing any of these mobile islands just yet, they are in discussions with a few people to start. The logic is that their designs could be converted for personal/private use as well as for commercial purposes like a floating Casino or a hotel. The price of each of these would of course depend heavily on the level of customisation required, but the company says that it’s possible to put these ideas into production as of now using existing technology.
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