Alfa Romeo and Pininfarina unveil the 2uettottanta concept car

When a big company celebrates its anniversary, there’s bound to be a feast for their loyal followers. And Alfa Romeo’s centenary celebrations seem to be just that. With Pininfarina marking its 80th year, the two have come together with a stunning concept car. As the name 2uettottanta suggests, this concept by Pininfarina about the next-generation Alfa spider is a two seater automobile. A tribute to the Duetto roadster of the 60s, the car in theory would spot a 1750 cc turbo engine, longitudinally placed similar to the 1750 Veloce. The 2uettottanta would be 1797 mm in width, 4212.6 mm in length, 1280 mm height spotting a wheelbase of 2500 mm.

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