All-electric Fiat 500 designed exclusively by Giorgio Armani

With coronavirus dominating many areas of our lives and our actions and plans its time to bring in the winds of change and show the world what new beginnings are about. That is just what Giorgio Armani and Fiat plan to do together; remind the world it’s time to reboot. Milan and Italy have extended the closure of schools and universities in the country but at the same time, precautionary measures were taken to reopen the Duomo Cathedral in Milan where the Fiat 500 designed by Armani was unveiled. The car will move around the city to convey a message of positivity in grim times. About the vehicle, the Fiat 500 is an environmentally friendly all-electric vehicle with an 85kW fast-charge system meaning it takes only five minutes to build up a sufficient energy reserve to travel 30 miles. In addition to this, the vehicle also comes with a home charging system called the ‘easy wallbox’, which can be connected to a normal home outlet providing a full charge at home in just over six hours.

The Fiat 500 by Giorgio Armani isn’t the only one up for grabs. The model will be auctioned together with two other Fiat 500 versions, designed by Bulgari and Kartell, respectively. The Giorgio Armani model comes in a grayish-green color with alloy rims and a folding fabric roof personalized with the “GA” logo.

[Via: WWD]

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