Impounded in San Diego, sanctioned Russian billionaire’s $325 million Amadea yacht has accumulated $120,000 in docking charges alone. That is just the tip of the iceberg, as a megayacht requires a lot of care, and the upkeep cost alone will run north of $10m a year.

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Superyachts are the ultimate status symbols and the epitome of sky-high bills. Watching these stunning floating palaces from a distance and admiring their grandeur is all too easy. A closer examination of costs is an eye-opener of not only the behemoth task of sustaining the superyachts but also unveils the bottomless pits of money that are a prerequisite to owning such an asset in the first place. Sanctioned Russian oligarch Suleiman Kerimov’s $325 million Amadea sailed to San Diego after the United States won the legal battle to seize the megayacht in Fiji.

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The courtroom drama that lasted for a month was tedious and nothing when compared to the dilemma that unfolded later on. Luxury vessel Amadea boasts six decks packed with a double-height atrium, Pleyel grand piano, leather-book-clad walls, and a full-beam dining table. The 348-footer remained moored in San Diego since June, and whether the officials liked it or not, they had to maintain this Xanadu of the high seas while perpetually shelling out loads of money.

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The motoryacht moored or in motion, irrespectively required constant care and attention like a baby in arms. It is not just Amadea’s splendid hand-painted ceiling with Michelangelo clouds or the impressive backlit whiskies, brandies, and rums behind bars but also the systems like power generation and desalinating its water had to be in perfect condition for smooth functioning. Since Amadea is a superyacht sailing nowhere, the authorities must ensure the propellers are regularly run to avert the buildup of barnacles.

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Furthermore, an expensive megayacht cannot afford dirt accumulation as it dulls and damages the exterior resulting in ultra-expensive repainting jobs. Bloomberg also highlights that every aspect of a yacht and its surroundings needs to be looked after.

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Amadea, the $315 million superyacht, also flaunts a dining area decked with ferns and painted with lianas. On a typical day, a crew of 33 looked after her upkeep but all things considered, this mammoth still needed half that army to be maintained.

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Bloomberg stated that the docking fees total almost $1,000 a day and have come to more than $120,000 for the last four months. The annual cost of the elegant Amadea’s upkeep is another ball game where the authorities are sure to lose nothing less than $10 million annually. Putting such a burden on the American taxpayers may seem like an impractical move when the authorities could auction the yacht to avoid paying millions in maintenance.

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Amadea’s journey to getting captured was a long one –
The longer-than-a-football-field superyacht Amadea began its journey to Australia to avoid seizure at all costs. The ship was received in Fiji after a tedious 18-day journey from Mexico and she remained there for the better part of a month. A lengthy court battle with Kerimov’s lawyers concluded with the United States winning and seizing the $325-million megayacht in Fiji. Since she hit US shores, Kerimov’s pleasure craft has remained in the port of San Diego unused and without a closure.

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There can never be another Amadea-
Every superyacht comes packed with the world’s most outstanding features, certainly those that only serious money can buy. Amadea is a shining example of luxury living, with six sprawling decks packed with everything fabulous that money can buy. From a luxurious owner’s suite that includes a dressing room, and a bathroom with an ornate bath, to well-appointed guest cabins, the $325 million ship features a lavish dining room and lounges.

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The beautiful boat of the Polyus boss also exhibits slightly uncommon amenities like a galley on the top deck, with copper pots and pans, a huge grill area, and live lobster tanks. This extravagant six-decker was definitely made with entertaining in mind, as the main deck doubles up as a party space with 20,000 Watts of built-in speakers, lights, and lasers.

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The convertible spa pool converts into a stage. All great reasons to preserve a masterpiece like no other…the Amadea yacht!

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