Aptly named Galactica this 262 feet long all-aluminum megayacht comes with a helipad, beach club, and stunning staterooms.

Is it a giant shark or a massive superyacht? It is Heesen’s 262-foot all-aluminium flagship Galactica. The first thing that the eye notices is its exterior; the bow looks like a fierce open jaw of a killer shark. It instantly gives the feel this vessel means business and, like its aquatic doppelganger, will be an epitome of speed and unerring accuracy. The all-aluminium ship was earlier dubbed Project Cosmos by the Dutch shipyard. The six-stateroom superyacht flaunts an interior volume of 1,700GT, she is Heesen’s most extensive build to date and the biggest all-aluminium yacht ever built.

This path-breaking beauty is also the fastest aluminium yacht in her size class. Superyacht Times shared, “Today, we are celebrating the launch of a unique yacht,” said Arthur Brouwer, CEO of Heesen. “Unique not only for our shipyard, as she is the largest we have ever taken on and represents the pinnacle of our achievements to date. Cosmos is also unique in the industry – the largest and fastest aluminium yacht in her class ever built.”

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The credit for its unusual, fun, and striking exterior goes to Winch Design. “The Winch vision for Cosmos was to retain Heesen’s sporty DNA but blend it with an innovative, futuristic spin. Curved glass forms smooth, sculpted shapes, creating a feeling of slick, contemporary charm,” said Jim Dixon, Director of Yachts and Aviation at Winch Design. Galactica is powered by traditional diesel propulsion – four engines, two gearboxes, variable-pitch propellers, and ultra-innovative Promas rudders, giving it a top speed of 30 knots.

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Among the standout features of the superyacht is a certified helideck on the bow beneath, which sits the tender garage with room for a Winch-designed custom limousine. The helipad doubles up as an outdoor cinema complete with lounge seats. The neutral and elegant interior design was composed by Sinot Yacht Design and Architecture. They have done an excellent job with the beach club that includes a picturesque relaxation area onboard Galactica, side and stern platforms, and the backlit onyx bar. In February, Galactica begins sea trials in the North Sea and will be delivered to her owners in April 2022.

[Via: BOAT International]

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