As stylish as a McLaren – This could very well be the worlds first truly private luxury helicopter

A UK-based company called Hill Helicopters has revealed the design of a new helicopter which it claims will disrupt the segment of private, luxury rotorcrafts. Called the HX50, the company describes it as a “ground-up helicopter” with a clean-sheet design, which will help it take on popular models by the established names in the business. The helicopter is said to be in the advanced design stage, being developed by a team of highly-skilled engineers led by the company’s founder and CEO, Dr. Jason Hill. With a Ph.D. in aeronautics, Hill started the company with the aim to design private luxury helicopters that not only features the latest safety and efficient performance technology but also offer truly luxurious and high-tech experience to its passengers. “The helicopter industry has long awaited an Elon Musk-style disruption that redefines the modern helicopter. The wait is over,” said Hill. “The only way to create something that is truly groundbreaking is to design from the ground up, giving equal focus to aerospace design, performance, and safety as well as to the artistic and experiential aspects — including comfort, ergonomics, intuitive technology, and luxury. The HX50 brings all of this together to deliver a truly unique aircraft and experience.”

Hill Helicopters has released limited information on the specifications and other crucial details; neither has it come up with design renderings of the cabin. All we know that the cabin will seat five people, with one pilot and four passengers. The exterior design suggests a composite structure with a three-blade primary rotor and a shrouded tail rotor. The landing gear appears to be retractable, while the glasshouse is big to give an unhindered view of the outside. The chopper will be powered by a 500shp (372kW) turboshaft engine; however, the company didn’t say anything about the make of the powerplant. It will enough to carry a max payload of 1,760 lbs and a maximum cruise speed of 140 knots. Hill Helicopters has an aggressive plan to build three prototypes for test flying by 2022 and start customer deliveries by 2023.

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