Are Aston Martin and Red Bull are coming together for a $4 million supercar?

You can trust Aston Martin and Red Bull to pump in some serious energy in any venture they come up with together. Undoubtedly it’s a car and a rather gem of a car as well. The Aston Martin and Red Bull AM-R8 001 will be a super car for sure if not a hyper car. as with most things exotic it will also be limited in production and heavy on the buck. With a promise of only 99 units to be produced, Marek Reichman of Aston Martin and Adrian Newey of Red Bull confirmed that the car can be priced as high as $4 million.

Some may argue that 99 examples doesn’t match Aston Martin’s former 24-unit run of the Vulcan track car, but there’s never enough of any Aston Martin, is there? We expect some major design influences to impact the style, especially with Newey involved in the process. He has revealed that the car will offer a two-seat cabin and will also bring some luxurious additions to the interior. The companies have been very reserved with the amount of information they have shared, thus far. For now, we wait and listen.

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