Aston Martin Rapide and Ferrari Enzo ferry cancer patients to the hospital

Cancer is probably one of the worst diseases because you can’t really figure out how it hit you. But the amount of strength and dignity showed by most people who live through this nightmare is truly commendable. If not the disease, the side-effects alone leave you perplexed. And so the efforts from Your Ride Is Here comes across as a breath of fresh air. Ken Adams, a cancer survivor from Austin, Texas, has put together a “network of exotic and classic car owners” to ferry a ride to those availing treatment is the lap of luxury. Ditching public transport, patients can opt from vehicles such as Aston Martin Rapide to the Chevrolet Camaro and even the Ferrari Enzo. In one of the images, we spotted a Lamborghini Superleggera too.

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What an awesome initiative, goes to show that luxury cars owners have a might heart too! If you too wish to contribute in anyway, click here.


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