At $299,999, this gold covered Tesla is the most expensive in the world (And, the ugliest)

What you are looking at is the most expensive Tesla in the world and quite possibly the ugliest, as well! Priced at $299,000, it’s a lot more expensive than the fully loaded Model S Plaid+ with all available upgrades, which comes to about $168,990 in the US. This customized Tesla called the Model Excellence 24K is the job of the Russian brand Caviar, which made its name in the international markets by making customized iPhones. The Caviar Model Excellence 24K wears a striking look that combines black with gold accents. Now, black and gold is a very eye-catching combination in the automotive world, and the iconic black and gold livery of the John Player Special Lotus F1 racers is one of my favorites. However, Caviar found a way to make it loathsome.

Caviar says it has used actual “999” 24-carat gold — the purest kind — for creating the customized Tesla. The gold was electro-plated onto various car components, which includes the custom grille, the wheels, the door handles, the trunk spoiler, and lower-body panels. The rest of the body parts are rendered in gloss black. “The World’s best electric car is turned into a true luxury item. Black gloss and dazzling gold. This is how Caviar designers present a high-tech luxury vehicle,” the company explains on its official website. If you are crazy enough to shell out $300,000 on this eyesore, Caviar will only build 99 units of the Model Excellence 24K and has already started accepting requests. The Russian company is also selling a matching customized iPhone 12 that gets a similar gilded treatment and can be yours for around $6000.

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