Baglietto has unveiled the groundbreaking X50 Yacht featuring an all-weather observation lounge, a gym, and ample space for toys and tenders.

Baglietto is offering would-be yacht enthusiasts the chance to hit the high seas sooner rather than later. The curtain has been lifted on its newest semi-custom 164-foot explorer model, designed by long-time Florentine collaborator Francesco Paszkowski. The Baglietto X50 yacht is part of the new XO series to commemorate the shipyard’s 170th anniversary this year. “These new lines are the highest expression of Baglietto’s core mission: innovating while also preserving tradition,” explained Baglietto’s CEO Diego Michele Deprati in a press conference.

Disruption leaves a mark, and the X50 yacht does so by situating her observation point above her wheelhouse for an all-encompassing view of the surrounding landscapes. The observatory doubles as an entertainment lounge with large flush-fitting windows. The visual room is laden with comfort using cozy cushions and sofas. The space is equipped with six monitors that allow guests to indulge in movies, music, view the itinerary on the digital charts, or witness the course of the ship with the use of a drone.

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Speaking to Boat International, Paszkowski said: “The explorer boat already exists, but I wanted to create a product that could fit the American market and the European market.” He added: “All the connections to the internet, the web, the drones, the connectedness – these are things that we took from American culture. We tried to transpose this element for the European market.” A dedicated space above the observation deck allows guests to sunbathe in the lap of nature. This activity is also driven by an avant-garde feature. At the touch of a button, a sunpad springs out through a window below. It also creates a gush of light by leaving a central skylight in the observation lounge below.

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The modern 500GT boat boasts a multipurpose space, a gym, a spacious storage room for toys and tenders onboard. The X50 also breaks ground by incorporating environmentally friendly ceramic materials, features solar panels on the roof to recharge the water toys and a special paint to uphold the focus on environmental protection. The concept is inspired by the famous ETR 300 ‘Settebello’ train from the 1950s, and can be completely customized according to the owner’s desires. The vessel will be powered by a pair of CAT C32 engines, delivering a maximum speed of 16 knots.

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