Because in the Hamptons a normal trike wont just do – Bentley has released a transformable tricycle for posh kids that costs just $550

It’s often said that to develop a child’s interest in something, you’ve to start them young, and we’ve found the perfect thing that will inspire the young one to develop a taste for the finer things in life. Meet the Bentley Trike, the perfect product for toddlers that will turn them into a lifelong loyalist of the British luxury manufacturer. Bentley describes the tricycle as a stylish baby accessory that “combines elegance with functionality through a highly adaptable design that transforms throughout a child’s early years.” The Bentley Trike has been created for babies aged 12 months and above, but its neatest trick comes in the form of its six-stage transformable design that can be adapted “throughout the years of early development from baby to small child.” As the toddler continues to grow, different parts of the tricycle can be adjusted or removed to turn it from a stroller to a free-pedaling trike and prepare them for the next stage of learning to ride a bike.

The Bentley Trike also has 12 unique safety features, making it one of the most sophisticated trike money can buy. These features include a foldable canopy, rotating seat, anti-slip pedals, wheel fenders, rear brake, five-point seatbelt, etc. Since it’s a Bentley product, you can expect unmatched quality. Many of the Trike’s design elements are said to be inspired by Bentley’s car line-up. The trike’s wheels with the iconic Bentley ‘B’ on the center cap mimic Bentley’s most iconic cars’ distinctive wheels. In addition to that, the Bentley wings logo can be found on the center below the handlebars, while the ‘BENTLEY’ name is painted across the frame of each stroller-tricycle. The trike is available in four different colors from Bentley’s actual color palette, helping you match the trike’s color to your Bentley. If you want one, the Bentley Trike is available with a price-tag of £395 (roughly $550), making it the cheapest way to enter the Bentley family.

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