Bentley’s new special-edition tricycle costs $730, and it is inspired by the automaker’s Mulliner range of uber-luxurious and highly exclusive vehicles.

If you want your toddler to pick up a taste for the finer things in life at a very young age, Bentley has just the thing you’ve been looking for. The British luxury carmaker has introduced the new 6-in-1 Mulliner Tricycle which is inspired by the same Mulliner line of Bentley vehicles built exclusively for the brand’s patrons. According to Bentley, the new offering blends comfort, safety, and the signature style of Bentley’s luxurious Mulliner cars. The Bentley Trike is basically a three-wheeled bicycle that doubles as a stroller. The trike’s unique design allows it to grow alongside your child “in true Bentley style.”

While we’ve seen several different versions of Bentley’s trike over the last few years, the Mulliner-inspired model introduces several different new features. It includes a new seat that was developed specifically for this trike. In addition to featuring Mulliner’s signature diamond-in-diamond handmade quilting, the seat also gets added soft inserts and mirrors the design of the car seat to ensure extra comfort for children. Furthermore, the Bentley logo is stitched on the soft headrest.

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The trike’s air-pumped wheels also prominently follow Mulliner’s design language. In addition to featuring a Mulliner-inspired design, the wheels get the Bentley logo in the middle surrounded by the ‘Bentley Mulliner’ wording – similar to what you get in the Mulliner cars. In addition to that, the B badge in the center cap always remains in the motionless upright position.

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Other features and design elements inspired by Mulliner include a chrome emblem at the hood of the trike, a diamond-in-diamond quilted push handle bag, and a unique color: White Sand. The latest Bentley trike also gets new metal pedals with an anti-slide design that are the exact replica of those found in our Mulliner cars. The Bentley 6-in-1 Mulliner Trike is available for sale online, priced at £595 (about $730).

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