Because Sir wants 4K Netflix in the backseat – Bentley has announced the world’s first super-fast and secure in-car Wi-Fi system

For Bentley users the rear seats double up as their mobile office and they expect high-speed secured internet connectivity to continue working from the back of the car seamlessly. The British luxury carmaker has announced the launch of a new cutting-edge connectivity system for its cars that is being touted as the world’s first super-fast, reliable and secure in-car WiFi system. Set to arrive on the car manufacturer’s entire lineup in 2019, Bentley Advanced Connectivity has been created in collaboration with global communications company, Viasat, to provide the world’s best and most secure in-car technology. The bespoke router created for the system is hidden the car’s trunk which can aggregate up to three mobile network operators on one super-fast signal. It links to a hub with a physical broadband connection for unparalleled connectivity.

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The Bentley Advanced Connectivity works at speeds up to 70mph, providing the passengers access to number of simultaneous entertainment and business applications which include high-definition video streaming across multiple devices with uninterrupted service quality. The system can be accessed via a dedicated smartphone app and features Bentley Skype for Business and significant virtual office applications that will help users access and edit files on the go. And most crucially, the Bentley Advanced Connectivity system promises unmatched levels of network security. “Working with Viasat has allowed us to continue to explore how we use technology to enable the digital connective lifestyle of our customers,” says Hamid Qureshi, Bentley Connected Car product manager.

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