First spy shots of the 2016 Bentley SUV emerge

In the last few months, Bentley has teased its upcoming SUV quite a few times and released a teaser video few weeks back. In the promotional video of the Bentley SUV, only the shape and the contour of the big luxury 4×4 along with few design elements were visible. But for the first time, the nameless SUV by the British marquee has been photographed while being tested. Until now we have only seen computer generated design renders but this is the first look at the upcoming Bentley SUV in the metal. Expectedly, the vehicle is heavily camouflaged under zebra-skin decal, but the shape and size of the SUV can be clearly assessed. The first thing that stands out is its sheer size, it’s massive.

Bentley had earlier confirmed that the production version of the luxury SUV would be completely different than the EXP 9 F concept which was showcased two years back and had received poor reception. The test mule is indeed quite different from the concept and the most obvious changes are the headlight cluster and the big front end including the grille. But looking at the test mule, the shape of the massive luxe SUV is very bland and there’s nothing exciting about the design. We sincerely hope, once the decals are off, the premium Bentley SUV will no fail to impress us. Do let us know your thoughts on it by commenting below.

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[Via – TopGear]

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