Bentley to celebrate its 100th anniversary with a massive 66-pound book of never-seen-before pictures

Next year marks Bentley’s 100th year of operation and to celebrate this momentous occasion, the British luxury carmaker will introduce a monstrous coffee table book weighing 66 pounds. Called “Bentley Centenary Opus,” the book will be a limited edition covering a century of operations and the brand’s future. It was put together by Bentley and publisher Opus and will feature blown-up archive photographs from the Crewe-based automaker’s history, with much of it that has never been seen before by the public. Opus was also given exclusive access to Bentley’s designers, engineers, and executive to showcase Bentley plans to define the luxury automotive market over the next century.

The Bentley Centenary Opus book will come with pages up to 1.5 square feet along with some special gatefold pages measuring a staggering six feet across. Opus will release the book in three distinct editions: Crewe, Centenary, and Mulliner. Crewe will be the smallest, entry-level version with the most affordable price tag, while Centenary and Mulliner will be more expensive. Mulliner will be the most exclusive of the three with plans of printing only 100 examples. The pricing is yet to be announced, but a similar book by Opus for Ferrari came with a price tag of $29,000.

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