BMW and Harman collaborate to debut the world’s most advance infotainment system in the US

Harman is the leader in global audio and infotainment, and they constantly endeavor to bring the highest quality to consumers. Recently they collaborated with Porsche to bring Aha to cars. Their sound quality is unrivaled, which can be seen with their signature Quincy Jones Harman AKG headphones. They are now launching their new content-rich Infotainment system for BMW in the US. The system will form the base for BMW’s “ConnectedDrive” experience, and that will convert your car into a mobile office while still maintaining the highest levels of safety. Some of the incredible features of the Harman system for BMW are the birds-eye view with realistic 3D models, advanced guiding, and location-based services. Harman has ensured that excessive distractions never compromise the driver’s safety with their HMI (human-machine interface) that supports 3D menus and streamline choices.

The system features a 1.3GHz processor and a high-resolution 1280×480 display that features one-shot destination input. Most high-tech infotainment systems are bulky and reduce fuel efficiency. However, Harmon keeping in mind that these are important factors to automakers have successfully handled excessive heat production, system weight, and package size; thus, the car maintains ideal fuel efficiency.

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What makes this system different are the many innovations that Harmon has added, with some even being industry firsts, such as the voice recognition feature whereby drivers can dictate emails and text messages to be sent later or via a mobile uplink. The head unit is also equipped with a BMW app, which allows access to Internet radio and social networks. Harmon has looked to the future with this collaboration, leaving room for further innovations with an option to load third-party apps at a future date.

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The incredible system was unveiled at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, onboard a BMW 3 series at the Harman booth. Harmon’s collaboration with BMW will soon be available starting this month to BMW customers on a wide range of models, including the 7, 5, and 3 series cars.


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