BMW commemorates its 100 years with a 100 special edition 7 series cars

BMW has just unveiled the BMW Individual 7 Series ‘THE NEXT 100 YEARS’, the latest edition to the company’s 7 Series fleet. The car was announced with the Montblanc for BMW Centennial Fountain Pen, which is an exclusive product created by the coming together of both companies. The pen will be handed over to every owner of the centennial BMW car. The event was hosted in the presence of a select audience. Following an elaborate announcement, the pen and the car were covered in cocoon-like enclosures while Hildegard Wortmann, BMW’s Head of Product Management Automobile und Aftersales, and Jérôme Lambert, CEO of Montblanc, delivered their respective speeches.

The event also played host to an exclusive craftsmanship exhibition by both companies. A leather expert from BMW and a calligraphy master from Montblanc demonstrated how hand-braided piping and calligraphy are carried out in all their artistic splendor.

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Montblanc for BMW was successfully launched as a collaboration last year and have now gone on to create the exclusive 7 Series car and the unforgivingly elegant pen.

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