Man frustrated with poor customer service sledgehammers his $160,000 BMW M6 at the entrance of Frankfurt auto show

The BMW M6 is one hell of a machine; it is one of the quickest from the German manufacturer and is built for one thing only speed. Coupled with safety and cutting-edge technology, the car is a favorite with performance enthusiasts worldwide. One of them was Italian Hadi Pourmohseni, who spent 120,000 Euros on a black BMW M6 in 2008. But all did not go well with Mr. Pourmohseni and his dream car as he was struggling with persistent problems including vibrations, rattling, and shifting jolts during gear changes for over 4 years, during the course of which he showed his car to a number of BMW workshops in Italy who failed to fix the problems. He said his case was just being pushed between BMW Italia and its Munich headquarters, after which he decided to take matters into his own hands and, in a rage-filled endeavor to make his voice public totaled his car with a sledgehammer along with an ax-wielding friend in front of the Frankfurt International motor show.
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This is not the first time we have seen a car owner destroying his own luxury car because of poor customer service; some months back, a Chinese man smashed his $420,000 Maserati because of poor customer service in a busy city square. So is it time to witness more exotic cars getting destroyed by their frustrated owners or some better customer service?

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