Bugatti Divo – Here are 7 astonishing facts about the $6 million hypercar

Bugatti has finally taken the wraps off its newest hypercar. Meet the Bugatti Divo, a Chiron-based track-focused hypercar which is priced at $5.8 million apiece. Only 40 examples will be made, and all of them were sold long before its official debut. The Divo was only offered to existing Bugatti owners; the company said its average owner has, statistically speaking, 2.5 Bugattis in the garage: one to drive, one to preserve, and one placed on order. Here are seven interesting facts on the all-new Bugatti Divo.

7. Bugatti has a tradition of naming its special vehicles after car racing legends, and the all-new Divo is no different. The French hypercar-maker’s latest creation has been named after Albert Divo, a French racing driver who won the famous Targa Florio race on a mountainous circuit in Sicily for Bugatti twice in the late 1920s.

6. The Bugatti Divo is road-legal, but it has been built specifically for the race tracks. Although, Bugatti launched a light-weight, track-focused special edition Chrion Sport earlier this year, but it still followed the same grand tourer formula as the car it is based on. Bugatti Divo is the first proper race-machine in years which is meant to dominate the tracks.

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5. Bugatti Divo is based on the Chiron and shares the same 1479bhp 8.0-liter W16 engine, however, just about every part of the hypercar has been tweaked to turn it into a race track-beast. The Divo maintains the same low and wide stance as the Chiron and Veyron, but the bodywork features plenty of scoops and vents along with lighter, stiffer parts to refocus the car from top-speed to devouring corners like a LMP1 racer.

4. Bugatti’s latest creation is a lot lighter, too, which was achieved by the use of a lot of carbon fiber parts, lighter wheels, smaller and less complicated music system along with stripping away a lot of creature comforts and sound deadening materials. This helped Bugatti shave off 77 lbs of weight from the Chiron’s approximate 4400 lbs of mass.

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3. The massive rear wing doesn’t go down like the active spoiler on the Chiron and Veyron. Instead, the angle of the wing can be altered to optimize downforce. The new wing assisted by a wicked-looking shark fin and other new aerodynamic features, including bigger front splitter and a massive diffuser at the back, has resulted in additional downforce of 198 lbs compared to Chiron.

2. The top speed of Divo has been limited to just 236mph, which is significantly lower in comparison to Chiron’s insane 261mph electronically limited top speed. The lower top speed can be attributed to the additional downforce, which will blow the tires at such high speeds.

1. The Divo might be slower than the Chiron and Veyron in a straight line, but Bugatti says it the new track-focused hypercar is jaw-droppingly quick around the corners. The Divo can tackle a face-warping lateral acceleration of 1.6 g, thanks to which it can lap the Nardò test track eight seconds quicker than the Chiron, according to Bugatti.

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