In an extreme case of road rage, a millionaire in China crashed his one-of-two $2 million Bugatti Veyron into a $38,000 BMW 2 series

What would you do if you find a $2 million Bugatti trying to bully its way into your lane? Would you stand your ground and not let the exotic automobile cut into your lane or accept that there must be an absolute fool behind the wheel and budge? Well, a person in China driving a BMW 2 Series decided to stand his ground, which ultimately caused a very expensive accident. The dashcam footage of the incident recently emerged on the internet, reminding us that money can buy you the most expensive toys in the world but not class and etiquette. Reportedly, the incident happened in Jiangsu, one of China’s top provinces for finance and technology, in which an ultra-rare version of the Bugatti Veyron crashed into a BMW while trying to muscle its way into a slow-moving lane.

In the footage, you can see that the BMW driver is following the car in the front at a slow pace in the extreme right lane. That’s when the Bugatti emerges from the left, attempting to cut in front. While most people would have backed away, the BMW driver decides not to budge and accelerates to close the gap. However, the hypercar makes another attempt, this time crashing into the German compact sedan. The aftermath is hard to watch, with the accident leaving a massive gash on the passenger-side rocker panel of the Bugatti along with other minor damages.

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At least by looking at the footage, the multi-million French hypercar looks repairable; although, it’s not going to be cheap. Considering the fact that a set of tires alone cost $42,000 and the Veyron features carbon fiber bodywork, the owner might be staring at a six-figure bill. What makes the incident even worse is that the Bugatti involved in the accident was one of two Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse “L’Or Rouge” models, easily distinguishable by its distinctive red and black paint job. What a shame!

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