Bugatti Veyron’s stereo booms even at 250 MPH

When you are talking of Bugatti you are talking of great standards in the truest sense of the term. You can expect Bugatti to settle for nothing but the best and rightly so they haven’t set standards for themselves doing nothing. It personifies power, speed, and maybe after the Burmester music system, they will also be synonymous with excellent sounds. They have chosen over Bang and Olufsen, unlike Audi, and have given the green signal to the high-end German designer Dieter Burmester who happens to own the company Burmester Audio system GmbH, noted for first-rate sound systems. The Burmester sound system had to fit the bill and enhance the interiors in the best possible way hence was made to order to suit the sensibilities.

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The CD player is designed to work flawlessly at speeds greater than 400 kilometers per hour. The controls were designed to allow the driver to use them at high speeds without distraction. And when I say high speed it is nothing less than 250 mph. whoa!
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