Built with panaromic windows this 24 seater submarine lets you explore the depths of the ocean in utmost comfort

If exploring the depths of the ocean sounds like your idea of a getaway, get set for The Triton DeepView 24 – an incredible 24 seat submarine that takes passengers to depths of up to 100m and offers panoramic views – thanks to its vast windows.

Launched by Triton submarines – one of the biggest names when it comes to deep-sea exploration submersibles, the DeepView 24 can pilot down to 100-meter (328-ft) depths in air-conditioned comfort.

It is designed to offer the best views of the aquatic world through colossal 5.5-inch-thick (140-mm) acrylic windows and is the first of a range of DeepView tourist submarines. The vessel can further accommodate a pilot and co-pilot in addition to 24 passengers and is equipped to house additional sections with 6 seats at a time.

Boasting of top-in-the-line technicalities, the DeepView uses nearly 4,000 lb (1,800 kg) of variable ballast in addition to 8,820 lb (4,000 kg) of fixed main ballast to control rise and fall.

It comes fitted with an electric propulsion and steering, two 20-kW (27-hp) main thrusters, and four 12.6-kW (17-hp) Vertran thrusters and can reach a top speed of 3 knots.

The awe-inspiring vessel further comes with a battery good enough to support 14 hours of underwater tourism and ten 20,000-lumen LEDs that light up at night. The DeepView 24 has been built by Triton for Vinpearl, a luxury hotel and resort chain in Vietnam which will offer onward December this year off Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang.

[Via: New Atlas]

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