Cayago’s green Magnum to speed over blue waters for $110,000

Summertime is ideal for hitting the waters for some thrill and adventure. And Cavago AG is offering a high-tech, eco-scooter to zoom over blue waters. Dubbed Magnum, this electric water toy is available in a limited number of 100 only. For $110,000, it is powered with 7.4kW (10 HP) electric engine which contains efficient and eco-friendly 33 kg high energy Li-Ion accumulators. It is also fitted with state-of-the-art technology such as a sonar system and an electronic compass to navigate poor weather conditions easily. Capable of operating for 4 hours, it sports an E-jet power system and 10 gear speed control. The well-designed Magnum is also a winner of the Reddot design award 2009. Itching to hop on it and hit the waves?

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Via – [Greenlaunches]

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