Yours for $350,000 – An electric scooter made from pure gold

Renowned luxury designer Alexander Amosu is back with his newest luxury sensation and this time it is a solid 18-carat gold scooter! Created on demand by a Middle Eastern client (surprise, surprise!) the two-wheel scooter is made up of 13,888 grams of pure gold and was sold for £250,000 ($391,467). The buyer is Amosu’s regular customer who already owns a gold phone, gold Rolls Royce and has parts of his house designed in gold.

Amosu 24ct White Gold
If you’re tempted to scoot around town in gold wheels, the good news is there is a limited edition 24 carat gold version of the two-wheel scooters. Available in yellow, pink and white gold, the 24ct version costs just £999 ($1,564) and weighs approximately 13kg. A full-charge, which takes only two hours, provides enough power to cover a 15 mile range at a maximum speed up to 9.3mph.
Amosu 24ct Pink Gold-1
Amosu has created some of the world’s most expensive products including a the first and most expensive iPhone2 which was sold for £89,000 ($139,300), a Blackberry phone in solid gold and encrusted in diamonds sold for £120,000 ($187,900), the world’s most expensive suit which was sold at £75,000 ($117,440) and the most expensive champagne in the world valued at $1.8 million.
amosu 24ct Pink Gold

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[Available at : Alexander Amosu]

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