A $75,000 bike rides on the world’s largest front wheel

I have a soft corner for toys and not just small little figurines. If I got my hands on life-size props, I wouldn’t ever get out of the playpen! If you think alike, then a 9′ three-wheeled motorcycle inspired by the 1970s Green Machine is up for grabs. True to proportion and color, the front wheel measures 45-inches in diameter looks absolutely amazing compared to the. And yes, you can ride it too. It is powered with an 80″ cu. Harley-Davidson v-twin Evo engine that can hot up to 50 mph.

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The 9-foot long, 4.5 foot wide and 45-inch high vehicle priced at $75,000, sports an 8.5-gallon fuel tank with a 400 miles range. Perfect time to arrange for it as a Christmas gift.

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