Check out this incredible 37ft motorhome that comes with an outdoor cinema screen. 50-inch TV and a fireplace

If you’ve always wanted to set off on adventurous road trips and dreamed of a life on the road but the idea of having to live without the comfort of your home puts you off, there’s something that might interest you. This new 37ft motorhome boasts a fully fitted kitchen, king-sized bed and a lounge with a 50-inch TV with soundbar and two sofas. Called Embark, this vehicle is a joint venture between Jayco and Spartan Motors and has been designed with the single point agenda creating a motorhome packed with luxuries one would normally expect to see in a five-star hotel or million-pound celebrity mansion.

In addition to the longue area, there’s also a dining compartment next to a fully fitted kitchen with cooker, microwave, fridge and pantry. The bedroom comes fitted with a huge king-size bed, a 32-inch TV and an en-suite bathroom with a skylight above the shower. Most of the basic functions of the motorhome from the temperature to the lights can be operated from a touchscreen display. There’s Bluetooth, USB ports, rear-view cameras and in-built sat nav on the LCD screen. The Embark can be ordered with an actual fireplace. But the best feature of the motorhome has to be the external 39-inch TV which lets you enjoy your favorite movies under the stars. Brion Brady, General Manager of Jayco Motorhome, said: ‘We are thrilled to add the Jayco Embark luxury coach to our RV lineup and reach a new audience in the Class A market segment with this smaller, premium motorhome.” The starting price of the Embark is $300,000, which is a hundred grand cheaper than the base price for a Lamborghini Aventador supercar.

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