Chrome Hearts teams up with Cervelo to create $60,000 custom bike

Bike enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new wheels. Heeding to their needs is Chrome Hearts who has collaborated with prestigious bike manufacturer Cervelo to create a new custom racing bike. A luxurious bicycle, it features custom Chrome Hearts graphics, leathers, precious metals, and rhinestones! It is definitely perfect for the biker who loves to flaunt his lavish lifestyle. Although great on looks, we wonder how high it rates on comfort given the saddle’s decoration. Then again, beauty always comes with a price tag, and in this case, the price is comfort.

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In my search to find the cost of this bike I came across a website that claimed this custom bike’s price is a whopping $60,000! If this is so, we can rightly state that this bike is meant for the uber rich biking enthusiast only.

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