Complete with a gym, sauna and a helicopter this 393 foot luxury megayacht comes with its own beach club

Superyachts are soon turning into a luxe, reliable, and chosen way to see and explore the world. True that these vessels can take us to remote, untouched locations but confined behind the walls, do we really come close to the nature we have traveled so far for? That’s the thought that Florida -based designer, Lukasz Opalinski, based his new 393ft (120m) superyacht concept on, and its aptly called Indah meaning ‘beautiful one.’ the highlight of this superyacht is the oversized beach club that is also the centerpiece. How did the designer achieve this mean feat? Using vertical axes instead of horizontal ones and rotating the bulkheads outward, a brand new concept of ‘Transformation Transom’ comes to life. This allows Both port and starboard bulkheads to rotate outwards suspended on two hinge brackets and are integrated with two horizontal extension decks. This smooth transition takes the yacht from a closed shell vessel in cruise mode into the fully deployed beach-club when anchored. Space is meticulously designed, featuring sun pads, a gym, and a sauna enclosed behind tinted glass. Seafarers will also have direct access to tenders, which can pull up next to the bulkheads’ openings. Indah is clearly well-equipped to provide its guests with a ball of a time; she can contain a total of 24 guests across 12 cabins and the generous owner’s suite that’s mighty impressive with its own aft deck balcony. No doubt the place will demand a lot of maintenance, so Indah is geared to support a crew of 32.

Other than the snazzy beach-club guests can revel in luxuries and amenities like a foredeck Jacuzzi with sunbeds and retractable sunshade, a generous aft pool overlooking the beach club entertainment, and camaraderie, along with a haul of water toys to keep guests entertained. Owners can also choose to add a helicopter landing pad and hangar for further exploration at sea. The mega yacht is a concept for now but I’m certain billionaires will soon be lining up outside Opalinski Design House.

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[Via: Boat International]

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