Could this be the longest pick up truck in the world? It’s 37 foot long and has its own bar

Do you have a thing for quirky, silly vehicles? If yes, then this 37-foot-long pickup truck might just be the thing for you! Someone has put this limo-truck for sale on Facebook Marketplace and it can be yours for $7000. But before you get all excited, let me tell you that it’s not in the best of conditions. The behemoth has been built using a 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck as the starting point and has been extended by a considerable length without more axles for support, which puts a big question mark on the limo’s structural integrity. Looking at the pictures, the pickup’s bed and cabin have been stretched on an elongated frame, while a big-sized stereo system has been added near the tailgate.

Inside the cabin, things are in much worse shape; it looks like the party machine has been left unloved for a long time. The interior has a fire extinguisher mounted next to the driver’s seat, a mirror on the ceiling of the passenger compartment, and a small bar area for drinks, all of which desperately need some cleaning and overhauling. According to the advertisement, the limo-truck still has the original 8.0-liter V10 engine under the hood.


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