Daniel Straub’s £12,700 handcrafted floating caravan is the world’s first of its kind

There are times when you simply don’t wish to hop aboard a roaring speedboat and sprint downstream. For the best of us, lazy Sundays are meant to be spent lazing around, relaxing under a bright sky while blinking in the sunlight. German designer Daniel Straub has come up with the perfect way to relax on the azure. His contraption is being hailed as the world’s first floating caravan; a vessel that weighs in at 380kg with a top speed of just 5.6mph. While this may not be the fastest way to travel down a bustling river, the floating caravan does come packed with a healthy share of creature comforts.

The floating caravan enables users to enjoy a picnic out on the lake, with its fitted benches and table top. The electric motor is non-intrusive and propels the vessel at an extremely leisurely pace. What sets this vessel apart from anything the world has ever seen before however, is the fact that it is hand made out of a single piece of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic! While the basic floating caravan is priced at £12,700 (approximately $19,800), additions and accessories further push the price tag upward. Straub has already sold 30 of these floating caravans since 2010, proving the concept’s mettle!

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[Via – Daily Mail]

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