This gold-plated $1 million armored SUV is so badass that it makes the G-Wagen look like a nimble hatchback. The insane car stops rifle rounds, mine explosions, and even heavy artillery fire. It has a biometric safe for cigars, make-up, and an AK-47.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s controversial yet legendary political satire comedy ‘The Dictator’ was released in 2012, which means the movie has completed 10 years. Apart from Sacha Cohen’s impeccable comic timing, the missile that had to be pointy, and all the unforgettable scenes, another thing fans remember from the movie is the insane armored gold SUV from General Aladeen’s motorcade. Well, if you have been looking to add an outlandish vehicle guaranteed to attract attention, now you can actually buy the Aladeen’s gilded SUV. Dartz Motorz, the Latvian manufacturer of the armored SUV, has announced that it is celebrating the movie’s 10th anniversary by building 10 units of the gold SUV which is named Dartz Prombron The Dictator Aladeen Edition MMXXII. The company had originally built 3 examples that were used in the movie.

Via Facebook / @DARTZ.Via – Dartz

While General Aladeen’s gold SUV was based on the Hummer H2, the celebratory edition is built upon one of the most luxurious SUVs money can buy – the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. While the Aladeen Edition has retained the Maybach’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, Dartz Motorz has tweaked the engine to bump up the power to a whopping 800hp. The Latvian company claims that the SUV can do the 0-62mph sprint in just 3.8 seconds despite weighing in at over 3 tons and can hit a top speed of 174mph.

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Originally built as a single unit for the movie ‘The Dictator’ the armored SUV’s were such a hit that the company decided to make more of them.Via – Dartz

The armored SUV wears a completely bespoke bodywork that looks nothing like the Mercedes-Maybach GLS it’s based on. Furthermore, the SUV’s exterior features real gold plating instead of a gold-colored wrap.

For those who require serious protection, the most armored variant stops AK 47 bullets, mine explosions and even artillery fire.Via – Dartz

The standard armor plating offered on the vehicle provides protection from 0.50 caliber high-velocity armor-piercing rounds, while it can be upgraded to withstand grenades and mines. Additionally, the buyers can also opt for the optional protective helmet and a bulletproof umbrella made from alligator or python skin. The cabin is upholstered in the finest leather and features luxurious amenities including massage seats, a biometric safe, and champagne bottle chillers.

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Via – Dartz

Thankfully, the company is no longer offering upholstery made out of whale foreskins. As for the price, the in-your-face gold SUV can be yours for a little more than a million dollars, but you can save a little money if you don’t want it in gold.

Via – Dartz
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