Design maestro Frank Gehry designs his sailboat with Germán Frers

An architect by profession, a designer at heart; yes, of course we’re talking about Frank Gehry. Back in 2010, the maestro carved out a stunning structure in the form of a Cleveland Health Center in Las Vegas; now, 86 year old Gehry has forayed into maritime with his first ever sailboat. Built with mostly wood, titanium and glass, Foggy – as it is named – has been designed with the assistance of Argentine naval architect Germán Frers.

Gehry Yacht 3
If you happened to be a spectator at Round the Island race around Martha’s Vineyard, you’d be stunned as to how the 74 foot yacht’s red carbon mast towers about 104 feet above the water, while her 19,000 pound keel draws nearly 12.5 feet. To compliment the timber structure, titanium detailing and distinctive patterns adorn the main cabin. The interior is furnished with vibrant coloured carpets and sheepskin covers.

Frank Gehry and boat owner Richard Cohen will mark the sailboat’s maiden voyage across the turquoise waters near Miami, Cuba and Panama. Gehry, who is known for creating dramatically curved designs, told his co-designer: “Don’t let me go too crazy—the boat has to work.”

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