Dior and Bogarde’s gold BMX bike is too bling for street racing

Dior Homme and Bogarde – the French bicycle manufacturers dropped their second collaborative project over the weekend. The two brands united to create a limited edition gold BMX bike that is unlikely to go unnoticed on the street.

If you can manage to look away from the gilded frame of this bike, you’ll that the houses went all out to ensure they used top quality chains, tires & pedals. The seat and grips are made of calf leather and the Dior logo is front and center.

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These bikes are as exorbitantly priced as you imagined with each one retailing for $5,425, but given that only 100 of these golden chariots were created, we have no doubt that they are sold out by now.

These days every brand worth their salt is introducing designer bikes from Audi to Maserati, but we give points to Dior for creating a distinctive set of wheels which stay true to their luxurious aesthetic.

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