Double masts, helipad, and a beach club – This 475 feet long sailing yacht concept is designed for a billionaire to cruise the Bahamas.

Design studio Kyron Design has just shown the way to live a luxurious life on the great waters of the Bahamas. If you already own a sailing yacht, the 475 feet DynaRig sailing yacht concept will want to make you swap, and if you don’t, the DynaRig vessel called Lucaya is what you will aspire to own one day. Hopefully, it would’ve moved from concept stages to a tangible investment by then. Lucaya yacht concept is designed keeping an exotic life in the Caribbean in mind. The shallow draft is not the only factor bringing the chill vibe onboard but the well-designed beach club.

A fascinating aspect of the beach club is the open-air bar and aquarium behind the cocktail station that make the most of the natural setting. The yacht has three massive masts, a dedicated helipad, and a very eye-catching entrance. Dubbed the “grand entrance, it makes one of the most vibrant areas onboard fitted with brightly colored glass and crystals for a mystical rainforest vibe.

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The part that can easily be called Lucaya’s most attractive feature is the nude room, aka the Lucaya spa. The ‘nude room’ has earned the name owing to a sensual bath-like space with soft curves and million-dollar views. It is surrounded by several circular beds encased in stylish metal cages, making you feel like an Arabian royal ready to rejuvenate in the middle of nowhere.

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The yacht comes with a vast private owner’s suite that Kyron Design describes as a palatial retreat with a large stone bath. The massive central lounge carries the rainforest appearance flanked with bright hues, green plants to create a natural setting, a statement chandelier, and more. If the idea of Bahamas sailing excites you, then on a DynaRig yacht like Lucaya, the enjoyment is undoubtedly manifold.

[Via: BOAT International]

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