This is not an under-construction cruise ship but the personal yacht of space-faring Jeff Bezos – The $500 million superyacht will have three masts, three decks and will be the finest and largest in the world.

Gone are the days when we posted about billionaires and their supercars, and they have now transitioned to even bigger things like space races and superyachts. Jeff Bezos is one billionaire who will take pride in not one but both these things. As much as he would love to be master of the universe, he is making his peace for now by being one of the sprawling 417ft yacht known as Y721, which will boast three masts and be the biggest sailing yacht in the world. The exuberant $500 million Y721 was first spotted in the Zwijndrecht shipyard in West Netherlands, constituting three enormous decks.

The billionaire has entrusted yacht builder Oceanco to create a stunner of the seas based on their Black Pearl ship, known to be one of the world’s largest and most ecological yachts. Based on that design, the Y721 will also flaunt three masts and a bowsprit, with a black hull and an overall classic and elegant contour. One report described the yacht as tall as ‘the Great Pyramid at Giza’ featuring an on-deck swimming pool, an ‘ambient’ cinema, and several lounges and business areas spread on the three massive decks. Obviously, it is all hush-hush for now, with Oceanco declining to comment on the uber-cool Y721 or its owner.

Jeff Bezos’s yacht is based on the company’s Black Pearl ship.

According to Daily Mail, they did say, ‘Oceanco values the privacy and confidentiality of all our clients and prospective clients and therefore does not comment on our involvement or non-involvement in specific projects.’ The world has only seen an itsy-bitsy teaser of the gigantic vessel that will be ready to sail only in late 2022 after it completes sea trials making Bezos a member of the super-elite mega yacht owners club.

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